Kang Tai Name & Number Analysis Classes
Learn how to do name analysis and find out whether the name is suitable for the individual. Examine the type of energy it possess in relation to interpersonal attraction (personal characteristics), health, wealth and children relationship – whether these will be smooth and how these impact your well-being, fortune and so on. Learn also how you can make use of what you study to create a better tomorrow and attract positive energy.

Course Contents
Beginner / Elementary Level Topics

  • The origin of name
  • The concept of fortune related to one’s name
  • How can you learn more about a person from the name
  • How the name is related to the energy surrounding the person
  • Three important essences of a name
  • Forbidden names for men and women
  • How to analyse a name
  • The right practice, responsibility and mindset of the analyst

Intermediate / Advanced Level Topics

  • Discussion on the name by the master / teacher’s guide on name analysis
  • How to enhance your analysis capabilities
  • Relationship status analysis (whether good or bad)
  • Wealth status analysis (whether good or bad)
  • How to analyse the effect of the name on companionship
  • How a child’s name brings prosperity to the parents
  • The name of a business and its relationship to wealth
  • How to patch the feelings of a divorcee (from the broken relationship), move on and enhance future attractiveness
  • How to create good fortune

Kang Tai Sharing Session / Seminar
Annual Grand Sharing Session / Talk on Good Fortune for the Lunar Year
At the beginning of the year right before Chinese New Year, Venerable Master Fa Xuan will conduct a talk based upon the fortune analysis and forecast for the coming Lunar New Year. What are the areas needed attention and tips on increasing positive energy in the Lunar New Year? The secrets will be revealed to help us all be prepared ahead of time to attract and kick start the year with positive energy. Do not miss this annual event!

Name & Number Analysis Talk
The centre is dedicated to help customers in learning how to use the energy of the name and numbers. By understand the power of name and numbers, they will know how to efficiently attract and enhance positive energy into their daily lives.

Arrangement for Offsite Talk
You may arrange with the centre for one of our senior analysts to conduct “Name and number analysis” and “How to enhance good fortune” at your desired place and activities. Minimum of 20 people and above will be required.

> Family gathering
The centre can arrange one of our senior analysts to do sharing and analysis session at the comfort of your home.
> Events
The centre may coordinate talk for activities such as company annual dinner, general meeting, exhibitions and etc.