Feng Shui

KT Mansion Feng Shui Consultation
In addition to how beautiful and comfortable a house or a shop is, its design or floor layout has major influences over the prosperity of the occupants or the business. A good Feng Shui floor layout is equivalent to having a good start, which subsequently bring forth to fortune related to career, wealth, relationships, health and other benefits.

Mansion Feng Shui Consultation includes:
1. Ven. Master Fa Xuan will personally consult your house / shop using ‘Eight Mansions’ method
2. Mansion Feng Shui Report: Detailed directions and positions and how to resolve Feng Shui related issues will be recorded for your reference (in the future).
3. Analysis on the influence of the current Chinese Lunar year (Liu Nian) on the mansion.
4. Analysis on the impact of the mansion’s environment on the owner.
5. Identifying the overall energy level of the mansion.
6. Mansion layout: the position of altar, Feng shui money areas, kitchen and family health/ well-being best arrangements, sector related to wisdom and fame as well as enhancing the Nobleman sector for your home. (For shop layout: the boss’s office, manager office, Feng Shui money areas, Nobleman sector and etc.)
7. Individual room layout and arrangement.
8. Selection of auspicious date and time for Earth Blessing ritual, house purification and other house moving related rituals.

Kang Tai Auspicious Date & Time Selection for House Moving, Business/Shop Opening, Earth Blessing and other rituals
We help choose auspicious date and time based on Chinese Almanac for major and special events. Chinese Lunar calendar and its relationships to human life is one of the greatest achievements of the ancient Chinese Astrology. By doing the right thing at the right time, Chinese uses these auspicious date and time to increase their success in life, to stay out of trouble and dissolve disaster.
House moving is considered a major event. If you are planning to move in to a new house, we will help you choose auspicious day and time for Earth Blessing ritual (including consultation on how to perform the ritual), groundbreaking, renovation, house purification, house moving and grand opening of a business related rituals.