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KT Professional Baby Naming Consultation
Ancient Chinese beliefs stressed on the importance of giving a good name to a child. Before you teach someone the art of survival, the fundamental of one’s life comes in the form of parental blessing (well wishes for a successful lifetime). A good name is believed to be the foundation in determining the future of a child. Therefore, giving a good name is considered the greatest parental blessing and the utmost important gift for a child more so than the gift of wealth.

* The support of the parents is most crucial in the first 20 years of the child’s lifetime and overall development. Hence, the method used for baby naming at our centre will also focus on improving the fortune and positive energy of the parents – Malaysia’s first professional baby naming service to do so!

KT Fortune Name Consultation for Individual
The law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like’ which means whether one realise it or not, one is responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into one’s life. Your name is like your attire. A nicely fit and proportionately right attire can enhance the image of oneself and so in a crowd, people are more likely to pay attention or take notice of the one who has the greater appeal. On the contrary, if one’s attire is baggy and unfit, one’s image will also be compromised. This concept is similar to getting the right name. It will help elevate one’s relationships, career, wealth and overall fortune.

KT Fortune Naming Consultation for Company
A good name is the fundamental support towards the success of a business. People need a good name and so do shops and companies. A good business name will help attract and retain customers to ensure its prosperity and longevity.

Q: What is name analysis?
We use your birthday, zodiac, the five elements (it is traditionally believed that the world is made up of five principal elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) to analyse your name to understand your fortune, career, health, wealth, children and other influences to determine the attractiveness of your name, and thus better understand your fortune’s strengths and weaknesses.

Surname: Analyse your scale of attractiveness with elderly including your parents, uncle / aunt and boss / management at workplace.

Middle Name: Analyse your relationship with your partner (marriage life), siblings, friends and subordinates at workplace.

Last Name: Analyse your achievements related to career development, ability in attaining high ranking, power of attracting and retaining wealth and children relationship.

Get your name analysed today so that you can to understand yourself more and find out from the expert on how you can change your destiny.