Number Consultation

Kang Tai Professional Number Consultation Service
The practice of Numerology is based upon the firm statement of Pythagoras, “The world is built upon the power of numbers. The entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns and all things can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to universal vibrations. These numbers determine our personalities, destinies and fortunes of individual.” Humans are born on a specific year, month and day into the earth’s field of energy. Numerology believes the conditions and vibrations of that energy field will determine our actions and reaction.

KT Number Analysis Service
We analyze the attractiveness and character of a person through analysis of your identity card number which is the most unique number you carry everyday. Through such analysis, you can understand your character (personality), life related issues as well as personal strengths and weaknesses. Only when you understand yourself, can you truly be your own master and to have control on increasing your positive energy and recreating your own destiny.
We will also provide you a graphical view of your character based on the analysis.

KT Good Energy Lucky Number Card
This product is also known as your “Lucky Card” a special product available for those who need to increase personal fortune energy based on the number analysis. We help to design your personalised lucky numbers based on your identification card number analysis. A zodiac figure that would enhance your relationship will be printed on the ‘’Lucky Card” as well.
Usage: to defuse the negative energy of your identity card and you can design your own lucky password based on the numbers provided to attract more positive energy. Complete instructions will be provided your experience consultants.

KT Good Energy Mobile Phone Number
Mobile phone number is considered one of the most frequently used number sand the energy effect it brings is also most powerful. Hence having a good mobile phone number is very important. We help customized the best number combination for you based on our professional analysis and then help source for your exclusive phone numbers. The mobile numbers is very unique and only contain positive energy in order for you to start attracting the energy you needed to be successful.

KT Car Plate Number Consultation
On the road often and spend most of your time driving or in the car? Then, you should pay attention to your car plate number on the energy and the influence it possesses!

Understanding the energy of your car plate number

Do you always drive smoothly? Often involved in minor car accidents, getting summon tickets and worrisome when you are driving? This could be the energy and influence of your car plate number. Worry no more, just let the expert analyze your car plate number to understand what sort of energy and vibrations your car brings forth. Just let Kang Tai Good Car Plate Power Up Number service helps you defuse the negative energy and enhance positive energy attraction when you are driving!

Buying a new car soon…?
Kang Tai Lucky Car Plate Number Consultation
Car plate number is the “name” of the car. Having a good car plate number is giving your car a good name which would help attract to you a group of positive energy. Imagine being blessed with good luck and positive energy accompanying you on the journey of life as you drive! We design your personalized lucky car plate number based on your identity card number to help attract good fortune and positive energy.

Kang Tai House Number Consultation
We spend more than eight hours in the house and nobody wants negative energy in the home as it is where you and your family find peace. A good house number will bring positive energy, good luck, peace and emotional stability to the people who live in the house. Find out now which house numbers suit you best or how you can harmonize the negative energy and increase positive energy into your home.

Kang Tai Good Number Accessories
We have many customized “good number” accessories such as key chains, pendants, bracelets and so on. Accessorized yourself today with Kang Tai’s “good number” series so that you will always be accompanied with positive energy while looking good!